Thanks for making this Community Gam Jam happening. It was a great experience and it's thrilling to see so many great game made in so little time!
It is the second game I make so far, hopefully you will enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who will take the time to play my game. Let me know what you think !

Enjoy !

Goal :

Swith the Light on/off and get the cookie !

Controls  :

A, D : move

SpaceBar : jump

Left Mouse Button : turn off the Light

Softwares Used :



Disclamer :

All the assets made by me (exept the font).

Sorry for the lack of music / sound, I run out of time :(

Made in 7 days for the community Game Jam by Saphir "Tanukidev" Vendroux.

Making Of :

Youtube Channel :

TanukiDev Youtube Channel


Download 18 MB


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why do i gotta be the ugly racoon?

Life's tough

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I love the gameplay, but the controls are awkward on a macbook (without an external mouse, on a trackpad)

The controls will be revisited for the next udpate.

Thank you for playing and for your feeback !

Really great game nice art 

Thank you !

The art in this game is Delightful! Absolutely Gorgeous. The game concept is actually quite similar to what i did! I also have two different worlds, and you have to switch between them to reach the goal. Check it out if you are interested.

Beautiful Game. Wish you all the luck <3

Thanks for playing, I ll have a look at your game!

Nice idea with plenty of room for further exploration. The characters look great also, especially the blinking eyes in the dark. 

Thanks for playing it!

NICE AND SHORT GAME .. Background music would have been wonderful.

Check out my game also...

Thank you! I wish I had more time to make a music, unfortunately, it has been a crazy week with work :(
I am having a look at your game, Cheers !

great game :]    The jumping curve is a bit steep though, but other than that good job!

Gotcha! I'd like to push this game a bit futher after the jam, I'll have a look to improve the controller, thank you for your feedback !

your welcome :]   other than the jumping though, the game is great. carry on dude.